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Previously made for The Far Shore, now used primarily as a reference for CRAU information.

CHARACTER: Joseph Joestar
CANON: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
GOD: Venus
POWER: Natural aphrodisiac. Please click here for a permissions post regarding this and other powers!

Temple of Venus

At the plateau of lovely rolling green hills, one can find a marble pillar-lined courtyard, with many surprisingly clean fountains spanning it. There are various Roman styled statues of cherubs, men, and women, all nude and providing a water source for the shallow pools.

Beyond the art on display and the clear waters, is the temple itself, grandiose and still keeping point to the white marble and stone theme, complete with more pillars. Once you push open the elaborate double doors, you're greeted with a grand hall, colored in reds, golds, and whites, and looked down upon by a large statue of the first Venus at the end. There are smaller statues lining the hall, all seeming to take on the appearance of the current Venus in various poses. Very dynamic, very artistic. There are doors on the left and right sides of the grand hall. The door on the left leads to an indoor bath house with several modern heated pools for bathing or simply humidifying. The lights here are very moody, with a high focus on candles and sconces. There are more statues of women, men, and cherubs here as well.

To the right of the main hall, the residential part of this temple is located. The feeling is very airy and refined, allowing lots of natural sunlight to seep in through large windows and onto the elegantly painted walls and high ceilings lined with ivy. It feels very classical, though modern appliances remind a visitor otherwise. There is a kitchen, a dining room, a lounging area, a large bedroom for the God, a similar room for his Shinki, and two guest rooms that are smaller but identical in appearance.

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Network item: Leather bound journal and ballpoint pen.
Items brought from Home: Caesar's headband, Wham's nose ring, american clackers, oil for hamon use oil has been used by now but the flask remains.
Items found/gifted to him in Carvaka: old dove of peace pin (previously given to Josuke), small blue cloth doll, photograph of ominous clouds, Genesis' Sword materia, a custom paddle made by Masaki.
Clothing items owned: Brown hat, green and yellow scarf, brown jacket, dark undershirt, blue jeans, black belt, knee high brown boots, studded fingerless gloves.
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